About OEM / ODM

Since our founding more than 60 years ago, we have continued to provide products through OEM/ODM to major manufacturers, and have the know-how to meet a wide range of needs and reliable quality.

We support customers who are taking on the challenge of manufacturing.
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More than 60 years of proven results

We have a track record of OEM manufacturing for major manufacturers, from office chairs to lifestyle goods using Hyper Hook Hangers.

High-level quality control

In order to meet the high quality demands of the Japanese market, we have a testing laboratory in our own domestic factory where we conduct a wide range of tests, including strength tests on chairs and tests related to sitting on them.

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Diverse manufacturing bases overseas

We have manufacturing bases not only in Japan, but also in China, Taiwan, and Vietnam, and our local subsidiary in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) also employs Japanese staff.

Trust built through face-to-face relationships

We have visited overseas factories and built long-term relationships with them, with the aim of growing together. We respond to customer requests through strong relationships of trust with our Asian partner companies.


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