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About our business

We contribute to improving corporate productivity and employee welfare by providing high-quality office chairs in the Vietnamese market. Many office chairs in Vietnam are imported, and their low quality requires frequent repairs and additional purchases, which increases costs.

Our products combine high-quality materials and excellent durability, and although the initial investment is high, it leads to cost reduction in the long term. In addition, we have been developing products that meet diverse needs by making full use of the know-how and technical capabilities we have cultivated through providing OEM and ODM products to major manufacturers for over 60 years since our founding. We fully support companies that are challenging manufacturing and help them succeed in their business through high-quality office chairs. Please feel free to contact us at TOYO TAPER.

Office furniture sales

In Vietnam, many office chairs are imported, which poses various risks.

One of the concerns of companies expanding into Vietnam is that chairs are of poor quality and break easily. Purchasing inexpensive furniture requires less initial investment, but considering the cost of repairs when broken, additional purchases, and labor costs of purchasing department staff, we recommend purchasing high-quality furniture from the start. Above all, using high-quality furniture improves the work efficiency of employees and also leads to employee welfare.


For over 60 years since our founding, we have been supplying products to major manufacturers through OEM and ODM, and have the know-how to meet a wide range of needs and reliable quality.

We support customers who are taking on the challenge of manufacturing. Please contact TOYO TAPER.

About our commitment to

At Toyo Taper, we are committed to manufacturing that protects quality.

For example, what would happen if a chair that you normally rest your body on suddenly broke?
It is only natural that you would be injured. However, there are cases where manufacturing companies lose sight of this “standard” in their pursuit of low cost.

To ensure that our customers can use our products safely and with peace of mind, we only deliver products that have the strength to pass the applicable test standards.

Most of the testing machines that have the performance to meet the required test standards are designed and manufactured in-house.
The testing room where we conduct our tests is equipped with an environment that maintains a constant temperature and humidity throughout the year, allowing us to perform highly accurate tests.